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SalarySupport is your reliable partner for taking care of your entire personnel and salary administration. Our focus is on advising, setting up, implementing and reporting everything that is involved in the administrative process around personnel. We do this for our (international) customers and our team of specialists provides flexible and full-service support.

All comforts in a row:

  • Unburdened by your entire personnel and salary administration
  • Always comply with the latest laws and regulations (also internationally)
  • 24/7 insight via the portal with data on which you can manage your growth
  • Easy to reach and flexible extra support where needed

Marco van Cleef

Owner SalarySupport

    Our Specialisms

    Salary administration

    Outsourcing payroll administration No more worries about payroll administration? There is a lot involved in proper payroll administration. Especially for large (international) companies. Especially with all the legislation and regulations. SalarySupport supports you in this, so you can focus on your core business. We set this up completely according to your wishes, based on your needs. On this page you can read [...]

    Personnel administration

    Personnel administration Personnel administration We lay the foundation for a good personnel administration, and make sure it complies with laws and regulations. SalarySupport supports (international) companies in developing, implementing, or maintaining a good personnel administration policy. Our experts know their way around the legal and fiscal landscape, and can assist you with [...].


    Support Flexible help and support The questions you encounter in the area of personnel and payroll administration can vary greatly, and depend to a large extent on the specific areas of your business. Questions in the area of personnel and payroll administration can be very diverse and depend on your business activities. SalarySupport supports (international) organizations in such matters.


    It is perfectly logical that you have questions about the specific application of administration for your organisation. For example, to discuss what might be a good first step to discover if it fits. Please feel free to contact us.

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