Qualitative and professional partner with a focus on total care in salary and personnel administration.

Salary administration

Fully relieved of the burden of good salary administration.

Personnel administration

Correct personnel administration, fully regulated.


Help with specific issues and temporary support.

About SalarySupport

What distinguishes us is our professional attitude and desire to relieve our customers of all their worries. By focusing on salary and personnel administration, we can advise, guide, relieve and inform you in a transparent manner.

Internationally oriented
Professional team with experience
Modest and transparent

Internationally oriented

Partner for (international) companies

Reliable specialist

Focusing on our specialism for years.

25+ years of experience

A proven track record in our field.

Total care so that you can focus on your added value.

Marco van Cleef

Advice without obligation?

Complete unburdening starts with an inventory of your needs, so that we can orientate a suitable cooperation. We look forward to our first contact, because we can give you appropriate advice straight away.


Marco van Cleef

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